How to Import Orchids from Thailand to Canada

Canadians love orchids. They not only grow these flowers and display them prominently; locals import other varieties of orchids from other countries. Since one cannot curtail the obsession of the people of Canada with orchids, it is fair to sensitize citizens on the process of importing these beautiful plants especially from Thailand, which has emerged as a favorite source.


From the onset, it is important to state that Canadians are only permitted to import orchids in cut flower form. This is because there are regulations that do not permit the soil or insects attached to these plants to enter Canada. So if you are planning to import orchids from Thailand to Canada you need to plan on how you will help the cut flower to grow roots and thrive.

When it comes to actual importation, you need to get the requisite permit from relevant authorities since there are laws that regulate importation of plant and animal species into the country. Your contact in Thailand should also be aware of the legal requirements in Canada and Thailand. Your transactions must also be above board in relation to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

The next point is to agree with the seller on the means of delivery of your cut flowers and for you to pay all pertinent charges. Liaise with relevant courier services to ensure your flowers reach your residence once the necessary tests have been done at the airport.

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