How to Import Orchids from Thailand to Kuwait

The demand for orchids is very high especially among the affluent. Kuwait is a relatively rich country in the Middle East and orchids have a good market in this country. Expatriates from Europe and the rest of the developed world also want to live with their favorite orchids in their residences.


Thailand is fast emerging as the best source of orchids in the world. This country produces not only top-notch flowers but also large numbers of this beautiful plant. The most important thing for orchid lovers is to bridge the gap between the source and the destination where demand is high.


But creating this link does not come easy. For an orchid to move from Thailand to Kuwait, it has to go through a process riddled with legal and institutional regulations. There are both national and international regulations to adhere to. The source country and destination nation have authorities and laboratories waiting to check the orchids you are bringing in.


Make sure you have all the permits you need from Thailand and Kuwait i before you import any orchids. Save yourself the embarrassment of being asked to throw away your beautiful flower before you board a plane or when you reach Kuwait.


If the flowers will be sent to you in Kuwait, agree with the Thai seller the best means through which the plant will reach you. Ensure that whichever method you choose will allow the flower to reach Kuwait in the best state possible.

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