How to Import Orchid from Thailand to United States

Orchids are popular flowers especially for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. In most of these occasions, the orchid must be cut and placed in a flower pot of vase. This process and its outcome result in a flower that is vulnerable and which requires a lot of care.


From the onset, it is important to know that not all orchids are suitable to be cut flowers. The first and most important step in caring for cut orchid is to know which flower to cut and which one to leave as it is. Those that are suitable for this purpose are often long and not easily bruised or spotted.


To take care of cut blooms, begin by storing them with the stems submerged in water and the blooms above the surface of the water. The latter helps to avert spotting. In addition, when preparing these flowers for display, immerse them in cool water for about a quarter of an hour. Make sure you cut the stems in such a way that water can still be absorbed.


Place the cut orchids in a clean container full of cool tap water. Remember to remove any leaves of the plant that are not above the surface. Avoid direct sunlight shining on the plants. Similarly, do not allow drafts of air to blow on the orchids as this may cause dehydration. After every two days, empty the vases and add fresh water. Moreover, mist the orchids with water every day.

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