How to imports orchids from Thailand to Amsterdam

The Netherlands may be renowned for its orchids, but that does not stop some orchid diehards from wanting to acquire other varieties of the flower. One of the most preferred sources of orchids for Dutch people is Thailand. This is not surprising considering Thailand has gained a reputation for producing quality orchids and has the widest variety of this plant on the globe.


For those interested in bringing this flower to Amsterdam, it is important to understand a number of pertinent issues. To begin with, the Dutch government cannot afford to have the orchids that grow in the country destroyed by pests and diseases from other countries. In essence, be ready for strict tests both at the point of departure in Thailand and the destination – Amsterdam.

Secondly, you have to select the flowers you want and the supplier involved. This you can do through the internet or personally visiting the place where the plants are in Thailand. Ensure you choose the right type of orchid before you import it. It is not wise to buy a variety that is already in abundance in Amsterdam.


Visit the authorities in Amsterdam to get the permit required for importing orchids. In most cases, such a permit will be for a prolonged period and not just a one-off affair. Your flowers will undergo stringent tests when they arrive in Amsterdam. In the process, you will have to pay for all the costs before you receive your flowers.

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