Qualities to Look Out For When Buying an Orchid

Orchids are among the most loved and adored flowers in the world. They are valued for the beauty and fragrance. They also come in many colors. However, not all orchids in the market are of good quality.


How will you differentiate the best from the ordinary?


Start by inspecting the flower to know whether it is complete before you buy it.  All orchids, irrespective of color, have three sepals and three petals. Look out also for the column, a tube-like structure that supports the flower.  Your plant must also have a labellum, which looks like an extended lip.


After ascertaining that the orchid has all the parts intact, ensure its aerial roots are whitish with green endings. Remember to choose longer tips because they indicate higher quality.


Check the blooms also to make sure the color is deep, bright and healthy. Beware of orchids that have been damaged by excessive and unnecessary refrigeration.

The leaves of a healthy orchid should be thick and rubbery. Avoid blotchy-leaved orchids except for specific varieties that are actually mottled.


Don’t be cheated by abundance of blooms. There is a possibility of your plant’s energy being depleted as it attempts to support those many blooms. This will impact the ability and quality of blooms in the next cycle.


Finally, be careful with the potting mix. Remember blooms are naturally not supposed to grow on conventional soils. Don’t buy an orchid whose potting is very wet or extremely dry.





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